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Qingdao Aucma Consumer Electric Co., Ltd.

Established in 1987, AUCMA lists on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000. Our company continues to promote technological innovation. At present, it has formed its core business with household products such as freezers, refrigerators, and household appliances; and its development business with commercial cold chain products, cold chain logistics equipment, ultra-low temperature equipment, washing machines, air conditioners, and vending machines; as well as its multi-level and multi-gradient industrial pattern with new energy electric tool vehicles and new energy home appliances for the future business.

Qingdao Aucma Consumer Electric Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AUCMA Co., Ltd. Products are covered 18 categories, including water heaters, kitchen appliances, household appliances, and environmental appliances. Our company adheres to market orientation, strengthens technological innovation, and strives to become a creator of healthy, fashionable, and high-quality lives.

In recent years, in accordance with consumers’ increasingly high-end and smarter trends and needs for household appliances, a total smart home solution has been launched, dedicated to creating system solutions for healthy water systems, healthy food systems, and healthy environment systems. Relying on AUCMA AI, the intelligent control system will meet the individual needs of users in different life scenarios, provide users with a fresh, clean, healthy, safe, and comfortable living environment, and it will achieve a comprehensive upgrade from a single household product to a smart home life overall solution.

Our company takes the development of smart homes as a strategy, adheres to market orientation, strengthens technological innovation, and takes user experience as the starting point to rapidly develop the three major industries of smart home appliances, smart homes, and healthy drinking water, integrate internal and external resources, and create a smart home ecological chain system. Relying on the Wingshang platform, it meets the needs of users' intelligence and becomes the most trusted smart home brand leader. Our company started with the R&D, production and sales of small household appliances and kitchen and bathroom appliances. Based on users’ demand for intelligent and personalized use of upgrades and iterations, our company mainly provides high-end, intelligent, stylish overall solution.

With the rapid development of the IOT and people's wish for a good life, smart home appliances, smart homes, and healthy drinking water will be the future development direction. Home life is constantly moving towards intelligence, and the continuous introduction of IOT’s related policies has provided strong support for the industry, and the progress of key technologies and the improvement of the industrial system are important foundations for the development of the industry. At present, the post-95s and 00s have gradually become the mainstream consumer group in the new era, and young people mainly rely on online shopping, and accept new things, new channels, and new lifestyles at a faster rate and require higher levels. The Smart Home Division actively explores new categories, new channels, new media, etc., and explores the integration of online and offline development to the greatest extent to meet the new needs represented by the new generation of consumer groups.

ur company has always adhered to technology-driven, through independent innovation and resource integration, to comprehensively build a supply chain system for leading household life scene solutions in the kitchen, bathroom appliances and small household appliances industry. Our company now has 63 patented technologies, and has successively won honorary titles such as "Energy Efficiency Star", "Annual Scientific and Technological Achievements of China's Kitchen and Bathroom Industry", "China's Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Annual Best-selling Product Award", and "Front Runner" in Chinese Enterprise Standards.

Our company implements an integrated operation model of research, production and marketing, and the production method of home appliances adopts independent research and development + ecological chain customization mode to build an omni-channel marketing platform. Smart home appliances take the strategy of making superior products, strengthening the network, and expanding the brand, and continue to expand the network and consolidate the market. In order to meet the needs of different users, the industry will grow and develop year by year by building an online and offline integrated Wingshang platform, and constantly expanding new channels, implementing reverse product customization.

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